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Gifts and hospitality

A register of the gifts and hospitality received by councillors.

Date Gift/ Hospitality entered in RegisterDate of Receipt of Offer of Gift/ HospitalityName of Member who has received the OfferName of Individual/ Organisation who has made the offerNature of the Gift/ HospitalityWhether the Individual/ Organisation Currently has or has had in the Past, or is likely to have in the future, dealings with the Council – and if so, specifyDecision on Whether the Offer of the Gift/ Hospitality is to be acceptedSignature
15/03/2017 10/03/2017 Ian DouglasABPAyrshire Chamber of Commerce 70th Anniversary Dinner (ticket cost £85)Yes - ongoing dealingsAcceptedIan Douglas
29/09/2016 16/09/2016 Helen MoonieAl Maktoum College, DundeeDocument Bag with Pen, Notebook & Umbrella (given to all guests attending event)YesAcceptedHelen Moonie
11/07/2016 13/07/2016 Helen MoonieCaptain of The Royal & Ancient Golf Club of St. Andrews2 x Lunches & Course Passes to The 145th Open, TroonYesAcceptedHelen Moonie
11/07/2016 15/07/2016 Helen MoonieCaptain of Royal Troon Golf Club1 x Lunch & course pass to The 145th Open, TroonYesAcceptedHelen Moonie
24/09/2015 19/09/2015 Allan DoransCorri Wilson MP's Office (Sponsored by William Hill)Ayr Gold Cup –Hospitality (Food and Drink) -YesAllan Dorans
21/05/2015 19/05/2015 Margaret TonerKincaidston Primary SchoolFlowers and EarringsYesYesMargaret Toner
21/05/2015 27/04/2015 Bill GrantBrian Williamson, EkkoglassBill McLaren Long Lunch on Fri 8th MayYesYesBill Grant
23/02/2015 18/02/2015 Helen MoonieAl-Maktoum College of Higher Education, DundeeTartan headscarf: Cost of gift unknown, but probably less than £50 Yes - through EducationAcceptedHelen Moonie
24/11/2014 22/11/2014 Helen MoonieMr Ian Rankin, President of Scottish Rugby UnionPre & Post Match Hospitality and 2 tickets for the Autumn Test 2014 Scotland –v- Tonga matchUnknownAcceptedHelen Moonie
23/10/2014 24/09/2014 Alec OattesScottish Power2 tickets to Michael Booth – The Almost Nearly Perfect People at 12 noon 2 tickets to The Quest for a Moral Compass NoYesAlec Oattes
25/08/2014 23/08/2014 Nan McFarlaneDalmellington Band - Land O'Burns - Brass in Concert' event in TroonBouquetYesYesNan McFarlane
19/08/2014 11/08/2014 Bill GrantAyrshire and Arran Tourist Board2 night accommodation, return travel/ foodYesYesBill Grant
18/08/2014 16/08/2014 Nan McFarlaneAyrshire Fuchsia and Geranium Society BouquetNoYesNan McFarlane
03/07/2014 27/05/2014 Bill McIntoshMayor of Newnan, Georgia, USAChristmas tree decorationYesYesBill McIntosh
03/07/2014 12/05/2014 Bill McIntoshAyrshire CollegeReception and DinnerYesYesBill McIntosh
03/07/2014 07/02/2014 Bill McIntoshSpirit Aerosystems EuropeBurns SupperYesNoBill McIntosh
03/07/2014 07/02/2014 Bill McIntoshCoSLA Excellence AwardsDinnerYesYesBill McIntosh
03/07/2014 27/01/2014 Bill McIntoshCostley & Costley LtdOpening of Souter Johnnie’s RestaurantYesNoBill McIntosh
03/07/2014 10/01/2014 Bill McIntoshAyrshire CollegeDinner and networking eventYesYesBill McIntosh
03/07/2014 25/01/2014 Bill McIntoshRobert Burns Humanitarian AwardCeltic Crystal ClockYesYesBill McIntosh
03/07/2014 21/01/2014 Bill McIntoshCoSLAEngagement Strategy DinnerYesYesBill McIntosh
30/05/2014 28/05/2014 Margaret TonerOfficial opening of new Kirkmichael Primary SchoolJewellery box and candle boxYesYesMargaret Toner
17/03/2014 14/03/2014 Brian ConnollyFrazer CoogansAyrshire Chamber of Commerce DinnerLegal matters representing clientsYesBrian Connolly
06/03/2014 31/01/2014 Robin ReidAyr Rotary Club (Civic reception - in place of Provost)Glass paper weightYesYesRobin Reid
06/03/2014 28/02/2014 Robin ReidRoyal and AncientScottish Golf Awards dinner (x2)YesYesRobin Reid
24/02/2014 22/02/2014 Nan McFarlaneDalmellington Brass BandBouquet of flowersYesYesNan McFarlane
21/11/2013 30/10/2013 Margaret TonerForehill Primary SchoolNecklace/ Flowers/ Keyring/ Pen YesYesMargaret Toner
21/11/2013 20/11/2013 Margaret TonerBraehead Primary SchoolBrooch/ FlowersYesYesMargaret Toner
16/10/2013 10/10/2013 Nan McFarlaneAssociated British PortsDinnerYesYesNan McFarlane
08/10/2013 27/07/2013 Bill McIntoshAyrshire Fuchsia and Geranium SocietyBottle of wineYesYesBill McIntosh
08/10/2013 02/08/2013 Bill McIntoshAyr Flower Show2 x tickets for Friday 2nd AugustYesYesBill McIntosh
08/10/2013 03/10/2013 Bill McIntoshWestsound Cream of Ayrshire AwardsDinnerYesYesBill McIntosh
26/08/2013 24/08/2013 Nan McFarlaneDalmellington BandBouquet of flowersPatron of the BandYesNan McFarlane
28/06/2013 11/04/2013 Bill McIntoshRoyal NavyDay at Sea on HMS Pursuer with hospitalityYesYesBill McIntosh
28/06/2013 24/04/2013 Bill McIntoshFrazer Coogans re launch of Refreshments at the BeresfordYesYesBill McIntosh
28/06/2013 10/06/2013 Bill McIntoshEast Ayrshire CouncilDinner at Cook School, KilmarnockYesYesBill McIntosh
28/06/2013 21/06/2013 Bill McIntoshGirvan HarbourPaper weight re opening of Girvan PontoonsYesYesBill McIntosh
27/06/2013 22/06/2013 Helen MoonieMayor Emmanuel LamyAccommodation and meals during official visit to St. Germain-en-LayeYes - through Town TwinningAcceptedHelen Moonie
03/06/2013 31/05/2013 Helen MoonieMayor Patrick Cassany Glass lamp to mark 25th Anniversary of town twinning Troon & Villeneuvue-sur-LotYes through Town twinningAcceptedHelen Moonie
02/05/2013 30/04/2013 Alec OattesAyrshire and Arran Tourism Team in partnership with VisitScotlandTourism Gathering Free Event - Menzies Hotel, Irvine – Lunch providedYesYesAlec Oattes
02/05/2013 19/04/2013 Alec OattesNuclear Free Local Authorities Scotland, Mayors for Peach, PNND and Abolition 2000 Joint Seminar – City Chambers, Edinburgh – Lunch ProvidedUnsureYesAlec Oattes
18/04/2013 18/04/2013 Nan McFarlaneMarr Rugby Football ClubTickets to Marr Rugby -v- Livingston RFCUnsureNoNan McFarlane
28/03/2013 11/01/2013 Bill McIntoshAilsa Horizons LtdLunch at Wildings, GirvanYesYesBill McIntosh
28/03/2013 26/01/2013 Bill McIntoshEventscotlandRobert Burns Humanitarian Award 2013/ Eddi Reader ConcertYesYesBill McIntosh
28/03/2013 22/02/2013 Bill McIntoshCarrick Community Councils Forum'Conceived in Carrick' by John CairneyYesYesBill McIntosh
28/03/2013 08/03/2013 Bill McIntoshCoSLAExcellence Awards and ConferenceYesYesBill McIntosh
28/03/2013 22/03/2013 Bill McIntoshEntrepreneurial SparkReception/ Dinner/ AwardsYesYes - but did not attendBill McIntosh
15/01/2013 16/09/2012 Helen MoonieMayor Patrick Cassany and Villeneuve Town Twinning AssociationAccommodation and meals during 25th anniversary visitYes through Town twinningAcceptedHelen Moonie
15/01/2013 11/01/2013 Helen MooniePGA European TourSecurity Accreditation for 2013Former Provost/ Council had past dealings with PGADeclinedHelen Moonie
10/12/2012 17/05/2012 Bill McIntoshMayor Emmanuel LamyFlaskYesYesBill McIntosh
10/12/2012 17/05/2012 Bill McIntoshTown twinningLe Foie GrasYesYesBill McIntosh
10/12/2012 07/06/2012 Bill McIntoshEntrepreneurial SparkLight refreshmentsYesYesBill McIntosh
10/12/2012 06/07/2012 Bill McIntoshUniversity of the West of Scotland Graduation CeremonyLunchYesYesBill McIntosh
10/12/2012 04/08/2012 Bill McIntoshAyr Flower ShowCoffeeYesYesBill McIntosh
10/12/2012 04/10/2012 Bill McIntoshWestsound Community AwardsDinnerYesYesBill McIntosh
10/12/2012 29/11/2012 Bill McIntoshZhou Family, Blairquhan CastleReception and BuffetYesYesBill McIntosh
10/12/2012 05/12/2012 Bill McIntoshBritish Airways Maintenance GlasgowMiniature Plane 1/400 scale A380YesYesBill McIntosh
10/12/2012 06/09/2012 Bill McIntoshTaste AyrshireDinnerYesYesBill McIntosh
03/12/2012 29/11/2012 Alec OattesBlairquhan Castle, Straiton (Anne Hay)Reception and buffetYesYesAlec Oattes
27/08/2012 25/08/2012 Nan McFarlaneDalmellington Brass BandBouquet of flowersYesYesNan McFarlane
27/08/2012 22/08/2012 Nan McFarlaneArthritis Care ClubMarks and Spencer VoucherYesYesNan McFarlane
17/08/2012 16/08/2012 Ian DouglasForbes RobertsonFramed cartoonYes - prominent local business manYesIan Douglas
23/05/2012 20/05/2012 Ann GalbraithSt. Germain-en-Laye Twinning AssociationPerfumeYesYesAnn Galbraith
21/05/2012 18/05/2012 Helen MoonieEmmanuel Lamy, Mayor of St. Germain-en-LayePerfume and KeyringYes through town TwinningAcceptedHelen Moonie
30/04/2012 28/09/2011 Bill McIntoshBarwheys DairyOfficial OpeningNoYesBill McIntosh
30/04/2012 06/10/2011 Bill McIntoshWest SoundCream of Ayrshire AwardsYesYesBill McIntosh
30/04/2012 07/12/2011 Bill McIntoshAyr CollegeOpening of Aeronautical Engineering CentreYesYesBill McIntosh
30/04/2012 14/01/2012 Bill McIntoshWestsoundBurns SupperYesNoBill McIntosh
30/04/2012 28/01/2012 Bill McIntoshNational TrustRobert Burns Humanitarian AwardYesYesBill McIntosh
30/04/2012 16/02/2012 Bill McIntoshCoSLAConference & ConventionYesYesBill McIntosh
30/04/2012 29/02/2012 Bill McIntoshSt. Margaret's ChurchLaunch of This is FaithYesYesBill McIntosh
30/04/2012 28/03/2012 Bill McIntoshBill Costley25 Years in BusinessYesYesBill McIntosh
30/04/2012 11/09/2011 Bill McIntoshRoyal Air ForceBattle of Britain Memorial ServiceYesYes`Bill McIntosh
30/04/2012 06/09/2011 Bill McIntoshScottish Football AssociationLithuania - v - Scotland Football Match + PresentationYesYesBill McIntosh
27/04/2012 26/04/2012 14The Provincial Grand Lodge of AyrshireThe Provincial Grand Lodge of Ayrshire Book of Extract of Minutes (1890 - 2009)Yes - Provost is invited to Annual Dinners etc.AcceptedWinifred D. Sloan
24/04/2012 19/04/2012 14The Ayr Battalion Boys BrigadeBook - Ayr Battalion 1886 - 2011 & 2 pin badges - (in celebration of their 125th Anniversary)Yes - provost is invited to annual events, parades, ceremonies etc.AcceptedWinifred D. Sloan
04/04/2012 04/04/2012 14SAC Registration ServicesQuaichN/AAcceptedWinifred D. Sloan
28/03/2012 14/03/2012 Nan McFarlaneMr & Mrs William CostleyDinner celebrating 25 years in businessYesYesNan McFarlane
08/02/2012 04/02/2012 14Lodge Troon Navigation No. 86Glencairn Whisky Glass to celebrate 250th AnniversaryYes - Annual DinnersAcceptedWinifred D Sloan
08/02/2012 04/02/2012 14Lodge Troon Navigation No. 86Cheque for £250 to be donated to Veterans 1st Point AyrshireYes - Annual DinnersAcceptedWinifred D. Sloan
08/02/2012 03/02/2012 14Ayr Curling Club/Ayrshire Province RCCCMiniature Curling StoneYes - previous dealings in the past re: Tours and Opening of refurbished plantAcceptedWinifred D Sloan
26/01/2012 25/01/2012 Margaret TonerHeathfield Primary SchoolDecanter/2 glasses/bouquet of flowersYesYesMargaret Toner
11/11/2011 17/11/2011 14Mary Devlin per Armed Forces and Veterans Association, Prestwick BranchFramed PaintingYes - Prestwick Schools Remembrance Day ServicesAcceptedWinifred D Sloan
20/10/2011 10/10/2011 Peter ConveryAyr RotaryMealYes PartnershipYesP J Convery
17/10/2011 24/10/2011 14Ms Mandy McConnechyBouquet of FlowersNot knownAcceptedWinifred D Sloan
10/10/2011 20/09/2011 Alec OattesAyrshire LeaderLunchYes - as SAC is lead partner in Ayrshire LeaderYesA. Oattes
10/10/2011 22/09/2011 Alec OattesSouth of Scotland Biosphere ProjectLunchYes - in partnership with SAC to develop UNESCO BiosphereYesA. Oattes
04/10/2011 18/09/2011 Ann GalbraithEmmanuel Lamy, Maire St. Germain en LayeFlask and Coffee MugYesYesAnn Galbraith
04/10/2011 27/09/2011 Ann GalbraithIndian Restaurant MinishantMeal and drinksYesYesAnn Galbraith
04/10/2011 28/09/2011 Ann GalbraithBarwheys Dairy Nr KirkmichaelHospitalityYesYesAnn Galbraith
25/09/2011 10/09/2011 Nan McFarlaneRNIBTwo tickets to the Great Scot 2011 Award CeremonyYesYesNan McFarlane
25/07/2011 22/06/2011 John HamptonScottish Power RenewablesAttend Pipe Band Competition and LunchErection of Wind FarmsYesJohn Hampton
12/07/2011 13/06/2011 Alec OattesScottish Power RenewablesLunchNoYesA. Oattes
12/07/2011 11/07/2011 Alec OattesSusan Wark, Berkeley Hotel, AyrEvening ReceptionAs an applicant for Licensed PremisesYesA. Oattes
01/07/2011 06/06/2011 Bill McIntoshJohn Scott MSPThank you Party for Election SupportYesYesBill McIntosh
01/07/2011 08/06/2011 Bill McIntoshCLIC SargentCheque HandoverYesYesBill McIntosh
01/07/2011 08/06/2011 Bill McIntoshCLIC SargentCheque HandoverYesYesBill McIntosh
01/07/2011 13/06/2011 Bill McIntoshScottish PowerMark Hill/Arecleoch Official CeremonyYesYesBill McIntosh
01/07/2011 23/06/2011 Bill McIntoshAyrshire Chamber of CommerceCelebration to Launch Ayrshire Business AwardsYesYesBill McIntosh
01/07/2011 23/06/2011 Bill McIntoshStornoway CouncilCivic Reception re COSLA ConventionYesNoBill McIntosh
01/07/2011 25/06/2011 Bill McIntoshScottish PowerBritish Pipe Band ChampionshipYesNoBill McIntosh
09/05/2011 07/03/2011 Bill McIntoshAyr CollegeDinnerYesYesBill McIntosh
09/05/2011 19/04/2011 Bill McIntoshSTUCDinnerNoYesBill McIntosh
06/05/2011 01/05/2011 Peter ConveryPetanque AssocationGift Bag Shampoo, balloons ruler key ringYesYesP J Convery
06/05/2011 03/05/2011 Peter ConveryPetanque AssociationMealYesYesP J Convery
05/05/2011 02/05/2011 14The Maclaurin TrustBook - David Donaldson (Artist)Yes - Maclaurin TrustAcceptedWinifred Sloan
05/05/2011 04/05/2011 14Royal British Legion, Ayrshire BranchLunch and Poppy BroochYes - Armed Forces Day and other military events through Veterans ChampionAcceptedWinifred Sloan
27/04/2011 23/04/2011 14U11/U13 Rugby Team from St. Germain-en-Laye2 t-shirts 1 bottle white wine 1 bottle rose wine 1 bottle red wineNo past dealings. Future dealings unknownAcceptedWinifred Sloan
07/03/2011 03/03/2011 Peter ConveryAyr CollegeLunchYesYesPJ Convery
04/03/2011 04/03/2011 14Monica Dorward & Estelle Little t/a Foxhat (new store opened in newmarket Street, Ayr)Jute Bag, Liquid Handwash and Hand LotionNoAcceptedWinifred Sloan
04/03/2011 04/03/2011 14Sally Gandon owner of Jolly Molly and Running the Homeware section of FoxhatLavender Candle and Mini Heart & CushionNoAcceptedWinifred Sloan
03/03/2011 15/01/2011 Bill McIntoshWestsoundBurns SupperYesYesBill McIntosh
03/03/2011 21/01/2011 Bill McIntoshNational TrustDrinks/CanapesYesYesBill McIntosh
03/03/2011 22/01/2011 Bill McIntoshVisitscotlandHumanitarian DinnerYesYesBill McIntosh
02/03/2011 02/03/2011 Bill GrantAyr CollegeLunchVariousLunch TakenBill Grant
02/03/2011 02/03/2011 Ann GalbraithAyr CollegeLunchVariousLunch TakenAnn Galbraith
02/03/2011 02/03/2011 20Ayr CollegeLunchYesYesElaine Little
22/02/2011 20/02/2011 14Scottish Bridge Union - Ayrshire DistrictBridge Books (2)No past dealings Future dealings unknownAcceptedWinifred Sloan
21/02/2011 19/02/2011 Nan McFarlaneChernobyl Children Life LineCharity CeilidhYesYesNan McFarlane
12/01/2011 11/01/2011 Ian DouglasAyrshire VoicesInvitation to ConcertYesYesIan Douglas
16/12/2010 30/11/2010 Bill McIntoshNational TrustCanapes and DrinksYesYesBill McIntosh
16/12/2010 01/12/2010 Bill McIntoshAyr CollegeTour and LunchYesYesBill McIntosh
25/11/2010 20/11/2010 Margaret TonerScottish Rugby AssociationRugby ShirtYesYesMargaret Toner
16/11/2010 11/11/2010 14Mrs. Mary Devlin, Secretary Veterans AssociationPoppy BroochYesYesWinifred Sloan
02/11/2010 28/10/2010 Nan McFarlaneAssociated Ports AuthorityAyrshire Chamber of Commerce Business Awards Gala DinnerYesYesNan McFarlane
29/10/2010 29/04/2010 Bill McIntoshSunday Mail AwardsDinnerNoYesBill McIntosh
29/10/2010 04/06/2010 Bill McIntoshUWS/SACNew campus topping out ceremony/teaYesYesBill McIntosh
29/10/2010 06/08/2010 Bill McIntoshAyr Flower ShowTeaYesYesBill McIntosh
29/10/2010 06/09/2010 Bill McIntoshAlex SalmondReception for Scotland Year of Food and DrinkNoYesBill McIntosh
29/10/2010 23/09/2010 Bill McIntoshGE CaledonianLunchYesYesBill McIntosh
29/10/2010 28/10/2010 Bill McIntoshScottish Building SocietyDrinks ReceptionNoYesBill McIntosh
29/10/2010 28/10/2010 14Opportunities in Retirement (Ayr)Dinner at Herald Society Awards 2010YesYesWinifred Sloan
29/10/2010 28/10/2010 Peter ConveryABPDinner at Ayrshire & Arran Business ForumYesYesP J Convery
26/10/2010 20/10/2010 14Mr. Graeme McKinstryLunchYesYesWinifred Sloan
14/09/2010 14/09/2010 14Maybole Community CouncilBurns Chronicle - commencing 250th Anniversary of Burns Birth - Homecoming 2009YesYesWinifred Sloan
09/09/2010 08/09/2010 14SWRIBroochYes - was guest speaker at one of their eventsYesWinifred Sloan
31/08/2010 28/08/2010 Nan McFarlaneDalmellington Band`Bouquet of FlowersYesYesNan McFarlane
06/07/2010 02/06/2010 Bill McIntoshConsulate General of Federal Republic of GermanyBook - "Beautiful Germany" by BruckmannYesYesBill McIntosh
06/07/2010 24/06/2010 Bill McIntoshEast Renfrewshire CouncilCivic Reception on even of COSLA ConventionYesYesBill McIntosh
06/07/2010 14/05/2010 Hugh HunterPrestwick Community AssociationMeal to mark retirement of member of council staffYesYesHugh R Hunter
06/07/2010 20/05/2010 Hugh HunterAyrshire SportsabilityLunch at annual eventYesYesHugh R Hunter
06/07/2010 09/06/2010 Hugh HunterAyrshire Dementia AssociationSummer BuffetYesYesHugh R Hunter
06/07/2010 11/06/2010 Hugh HunterPrestwick AcademyMrs Hunter also invited and attended. Guests at performance of "Les Miserables"YesYesHugh R Hunter
06/07/2010 15/06/2010 Hugh HunterQueen Margaret AcademyMrs Hunter invited and attended. Guests at performance of "High School Musical"YesYesHugh R Hunter
06/07/2010 16/06/2010 Hugh HunterHeathfield Primary SchoolMrs. Hunter invited and attended. Guests at performance of "Pirates of Prestwick"YesYesHugh R Hunter
06/07/2010 22/06/2010 Hugh HunterPrestwick AcademyBottle of Malt whisky in appreciation of being the guest speaker at Senior Prize giving.YesYesHugh R Hunter
18/06/2010 18/06/2010 14F. Hugot, President of St. Germain Town Twinning AssociationFood BasketYes - ongoing relations through Ayr Town Twinning AssociationYesWinifred Sloan
17/06/2010 16/06/2010 10Ayrshire HousingOne third hand prie-dieu from the Good Shepherd Cathedral YesYesTom Slider
04/06/2010 20/05/2010 Alec OattesLowland Reserve Forces' and Cadets' AssociationReception in the Great Hall, Stirling CastleDelegated member of the Council to this outside bodyYesAlec Oattes
03/06/2010 02/06/2010 Helen MooniePrestwick Gala CommitteeBottle of WineYes - through PNCCYesHelen Moonie
21/05/2010 14/05/2010 Alec OattesSAYSLSA - Stranraer to Ayr Line Support AssociationAttended Climate Challenge Fund Seminar including overnight stay and hospitalityYes - request in kind support from CouncilAcceptedAlex Oattes
28/04/2010 23/04/2010 Douglas CampbellWest of Scotland Housing AssociationLunch to commemorate the opening of a housing development at Somerset Gardens on 23rd April 2010Yes - Portfolio Carrier for Housing and Customer FirstYesDouglas Campbell
28/04/2010 23/04/2010 Douglas CampbellScottish Licensing and Law PractitionersHamper - a gift in recognition of making a speech at their recent Conference on 16 April 2010Yes - Convenor of Licensing BoardYesDouglas Campbell
23/04/2010 20/04/2010 20West of Scotland HousingLunchYesYesElaine Little
25/03/2010 24/03/2010 Peter ConveryTroon Arthritis ClubYesBottline of Wine box of ChocolatesYesPeter Convery
25/03/2010 23/03/2010 Peter ConveryFriends of the HospiceSmall bunch of Yellow TulipsYesYesPeter Convery
10/03/2010 05/03/2010 Hugh HunterVisitScotlandAyrshire Chamber of Commerce Annual DinnerYesYesHugh R. Hunter
10/03/2010 21/03/2010 Hugh HunterAyrshire VoicesInvitation to attend Showcase Concert. Invitation also extended to Mrs. Hunter YesYesHugh R Hunter
10/03/2010 17/02/2010 Hugh HunterTaj Restuarant, PrestwickMrs. Hunter invited and attended. Meal at official opening of refurbished restaurantYesYesHugh R Hunter
01/03/2010 23/02/2010 14Girvan Youth TrustPenYesYesWinifred A. Sloan
25/02/2010 08/02/2010 Peter ConveryBowhouse Prison KilmarnockBurns SupperYesYesPeter Convery
07/02/2010 16/01/2010 Hugh HunterStagecoachWest Sound Burns Supper - Mrs Hunter also received offerYesYesHugh R Hunter
07/02/2010 22/01/2010 Hugh HunterAyrshire Festival Co LtdRobert Burns Humanitarian Award Dinner Mrs. Hunter also received offerYesYesHugh R Hunter
07/02/2010 06/02/2010 Hugh HunterPrestwick Community Centre CouncilBottle of WhiskyYesYesHugh R Hunter
26/01/2010 22/01/2010 10West of Scotland Housing AssociationLunchYesYesTom Slider
13/01/2010 24/12/2009 John HamptonHarry Clark1 bottle WhiskyNoYesJohn Hampton
06/01/2010 10/12/2009 Peter ConveryStrathclyde Police Authority2 Pens Mouse Mat, Drinks matsYesYesPeter Convery
06/01/2010 05/01/2010 Peter ConveryTPABookYesYesPeter Convery
19/12/2009 09/12/2009 Hugh HunterAlzheimer ScotlandChristmas Lunchyes - voluntary organisationyesHugh R. Hunter
16/12/2009 16/12/2009 14Mr. James Finnigan, PGA European TourThe European Tour Yearbook 2010Yes - Golfing Events AcceptedWinifred D. Sloan
08/12/2009 06/11/2009 Hugh HunterEast Ayrshire CouncilCombat Stress Concert & ReceptionYesYesHugh R. Hunter
08/12/2009 13/11/2009 Hugh HunterSpirit AerosystemsAnnual Awards Ceremony - Mrs. Hunter also received offerYesYesHugh R. Hunter
08/12/2009 06/12/2009 Hugh HunterAyrshire Voices - offer also accepted by Mrs. HunterChristmas Concert TicketsYesYesHugh R. Hunter
08/12/2009 13/12/2009 Hugh HunterThe Auld Kirk - Mrs. Hunter also received offerChurch Service and Buffet LunchYesYesHugh R. Hunter
08/12/2009 18/12/2009 Hugh HunterVictim Support South Ayrshire in the RAFA ClubChristmas LunchYesYesHugh R. Hunter
04/12/2009 30/11/2009 Peter ConveryBarassie Primary SchoolSchool CDYesYesP. J. Convery
30/11/2009 28/11/2009 Margaret TonerAyrshire Chamber of CommerceHospitalityYesAcceptedM. Toner
30/11/2009 29/11/2009 Margaret TonerThe National Trust for ScotlandHospitalityYesAcceptedM. Toner
29/11/2009 08/02/2010 20SERCOBurns Supper at HMP KilmarnockYesNoE W Little
29/11/2009 06/12/2009 20Ayrshire Voices2 Tickets for Xmas concertYesYes - paid for tickes self - £20E W Little
24/11/2009 17/11/2009 Douglas CampbellDalmilling Primary SchoolQuaich in honour of opening refurbished schoolYes, part of Council service deliveryYesD. Campbell
17/11/2009 14/11/2009 Margaret TonerAyr Seafront AthleticsMeal and FlowersYesYesM. Toner
16/11/2009 16/11/2009 Margaret TonerGraham InnesChocolatesYesYesM. Toner
12/11/2009 06/11/2009 14Colonel Clive Fairweather, Combat StressBook - "A Private World". A Foot Soldier's VersesYes- Annual Remembrance concert in Ayr Town HallAcceptedWinifred Sloan
11/11/2009 08/11/2009 Margaret TonerKyle and Carrick District Scout CouncilFlowersYesYesMargaret Toner

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