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Tenants contents insurance scheme

Can you afford to run the risk of losing your possessions?

Many tenants assume that the Council automatically insure their contents, and it is important to be aware that this is not case.

South Ayrshire Council operates a Home Contents Insurance Scheme, which now includes Accidental Damage cover at a small additional cost.

  • No long term commitment - you literally 'pay as you go'.
  • Paid fortnightly at your local Housing Office.
  • All postcodes included at no additional cost.
  • No excess to pay on Standard Cover.
Sum Insured Standard Cover Fortnightly Premium Standard cover inc Extended Accidental Damage Fortnightly Premium
* £6,000 £1.03 £1.60
* £7,000 £1.20 £1.86
* £8,000 £1.37 £2.13
£9,000 £1.55 £2.40
£10,000 £1.72 £2.66
£12,000 £2.06 £3.19
£15,000 £2.58 £3.99
£20,000 £3.44 £5.32
£25,000 £4.30 £6.65
£30,000 £5.15 £7.99
£35,000 £6.01 £9.32

* only available for applicants over the age of 60.

** All premiums include insurance premium tax at the current rate of 9.5%.

If you want the peace of mind and security offered by home contents insurance then it is important to make sure you take out adequate cover, either through the Council's scheme or by making your own private arrangements.

For further details please contact your local housing office.

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