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Mutual exchanges and homeswaps

Apply for a mutual exchange using the mutual exchange application form.

As well as applying to transfer to another Council property, existing South Ayrshire Council tenants can apply for a mutual exchange with the following people:

  • Other South Ayrshire Council tenants
  • Tenants of other councils in the U.K.
  • Tenants of housing associations or other RSLs in the U.K.

If two or more tenants wish to swap houses, each tenant must request this in writing from their own landlord, by completing a Mutual Exchange Request Form. For South Ayrshire Council tenants, this form is available above or from their local Area Housing Office.

When a request for mutual exchange is submitted, the Council must make a decision on whether the exchange can go ahead within 1 month of the request being made.

Where one of the tenants wishing to exchange is a tenant of another landlord, the Council will require the agreement of that landlord and a satisfactory tenancy reference for that tenant.

Important Note:
In order for a mutual exchange to be approved by the Council, neither of the tenants involved should be in breach of their current tenancy agreement, e.g. rent account in arrears or subject to legal action for anti-social behaviour.

The accommodation that a tenant wishes to move to must also be suitable in terms of size and medical requirements.

If your mutual exchange is approved to a property which has more bedrooms than you need for your household as defined by criteria set by the DWP, and you claim housing benefit, your housing benefit may be reduced.

This could result in you facing difficulties in being able to pay your rent.

You will be asked to complete a new tenancy disclaimer form confirming that you understand and accept the financial implications of this choice.

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