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Local Government Boundary Commission for Scotland Review

The Local Government Boundary Commission for Scotland (LGBCS) has begun its public consultation on proposed electoral wards for each Council area in Scotland as part of the Fifth Reviews of Electoral Arrangements. Its proposals contain recommendations for Councillor numbers in each of Scotland’s 32 council areas and the number, boundaries and names of wards.

The LGBCS proposals for South Ayrshire are for a reduction from 30 Councillors to 28 across 8 wards, with four 3-member wards and four 4-member wards. The Commission had originally proposed a reduction to 27 Councillors, but this has been revised following consideration of the Council’s response to an earlier consultation, with the aim of better preserving local ties.

Full details of the Commission’s proposals for South Ayrshire, as well as the Council's response can be found at Members of the public have 12 weeks to submit their views on the proposals via the Commission's consultation portal at

The reviews will result in recommendations to Scottish Ministers for the number of Councillors on each council, the number and boundaries of wards; and the number of Councillors in each ward. The Commission expects to make its recommendations to Scottish Ministers in 2016, and that the resulting wards will be available for the local government elections in May 2017.

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Last updated: 15 September 2015

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