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Request an uplift of bulky waste

The bulky waste uplift service is for the collection of bulk waste items or garden waste that cannot fit into a domestic wheeled bin.

Can the item be re-used?

Is this item in good re-usable condition? Could it be passed onto someone else who needs it?

Help minimise landfill waste and donate reusable household items by calling the National Re-use phone line on 0800 0665 820. It's a free collection service and you'll be benefiting your local community and charitable organisations.

Item is not re-usable

Please note this service is for domestic household items only. A maximum of 7 items may be collected per booking. SAC will NOT collect liquids, glass, mirrors, concrete coal bunkers, pianos, heating / oil tanks, garage doors, safes, tyres or rubble.

If the item is not re-usable then you can arrange a bulky uplift online.

Alternatively you can arrange a bulky uplift by phoning the customer contact centre on 0300 123 0900 or in person by visiting any of our customer service centres.


Charges apply to all residents.

  • First item £15
  • A further six items can be added for £2.50 each

A maximum cost of £30 for a seven item uplift.

What counts as an item?

Each item is counted individually whether it is part of a set or not. The only exception to this is bagged waste where 1 item = up to 5 bags (10 bags = 2 items). No builders sacks - bag refers to normal refuse sacks, black bags.

Here are a few examples of how this works in practice. This list is not exhaustive and our customer contact centre can advise on any specific query you may have.

  • A 3-piece suite would count as 3 items, the settee plus 2 chairs.
  • A table and 6 chairs would be viewed as 7 items.
  • Bulk waste broken up and bundled would count as one item per bundle providing it is tied, liftable by one person and no longer than 2 metres in length.
  • Branches trimmed would be one item per bundle, again provided it is tied, liftable by one person and no longer that 2 metres.
  • A bed would count as 3 items if it was made up of a base, a mattress and a headboard.
  • A bunk bed would count as 6 items if it was made up of 2 mattresses, 2 bases and 2 headboards

Materials containing asbestos

We continue to offer a facility for the disposal of materials that contain asbestos, but to comply with current health and safety legislation, we no longer offer a collection service.

A dedicated secure container is provided at the waste transfer station, Walker Road, Ayr to allow householders to deposit materials containing asbestos safely. Please note that you must call to book a disposal slot and that disposal is charged as per the Bulky Uplift pricing.

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