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Apply for a building warrant

All application forms must be accompanied by two full sets of scaled drawings and should indicate details of the proposals. A complete specification of building materials and method of construction should be included and where specific details of construction is required this should also be shown by submitting large scale drawings. A location plan and a block plan are necessary to identify where the building is located in relation to the surrounding area and indicate the site boundaries, adjacent roads and properties, the drainage layout and the position on site of the building.

Where the proposed work involves structural design, e.g. steel frame, beams, lintels, roof structure, either structural calculations or a Design Certificate from an approved certifier of design will be required for submission with the application for Building Warrant. More information on approved certifiers of design can be provided by Building Standards staff. When an application is received a fee is required to be paid based upon the value of the works. In calculating the value of the works the applicant must use normal market costs rather than any discounted cost which they may be able to achieve. The current fee scales are shown on this section, however, the Scottish Government are often reviewing these amounts so it is worth checking whether any changes have been made.

Building Standards consult with various bodies before the assessment of a Building Warrant is complete e.g. Fire Authority, SEPA (Scottish Environment Protection Agency), Scottish Water and the Health and Safety Executive.

The length of time it takes for checking an application will vary depending on the size and complexity of the proposals and any adjustments to the design to show compliance with the Building Regulations. As a result of requests received from Building Warrant applicants using agents eg an architect, correspondence relating to the assessment of the application will be sent to both the applicant and the agent, where appropriate.

Application fast tracking

In certain circumstances Building Warrants and Completion Certificates may require to be processed as a priority application and dealt with faster than applications processed against the Customer Charter Performance Targets. The prioritisation of applications or fast tracking will be considered where the applicant/agent provides a letter requesting the application is fast tracked and suitable justification is given by satisfying one of the following criteria:

  • The application is for the benefit of a disabled person;
  • The application is for minor works and the works are linked to a house sale etc;
  • The application relates to a project which has significant social or economic benefit to the Community;
  • The application relates to a Scottish Type Approval System (STAS);
  • There are special mitigating circumstances relating to the application.

Should you wish to discuss the merits of your particular application meeting this criteria please contact the Building Standards office.

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