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Birth certificate

If you were born in Scotland you can obtain a copy of your birth certificate (or someone else's) from our Registrar's Offices either in person or by telephone. Certificates can normally be issued same day or next day.

You do not need to provide proof of ID but you must be able to give full details of when and where you were born.


  • £15.00 for a full birth certificate
  • £10.00 if you produce the original to the registrar at the time of ordering

Please note, a full birth certificate must be submitted with all passport applications.

If you were adopted then an extract or abbreviated certificate of an entry in the Adopted Children's Register may be obtained from General Register Office for Scotland on payment of the appropriate fee. You must be able to provide the child's name (after adoption), the date of birth, names of adopters and if possible, the date of the adoption order.

Recording a change of name on a birth certificate

Changes of name or surname in respect of persons, who were born or adopted in Scotland, may be recorded in the Register of Corrected Entries. This includes any change by way of substitution, addition, omission, spelling or hyphenation. Thereafter any birth certificate issued will show both the old and new names. Application forms may be obtained from any registration office and staff will be happy to give assistance in completing this form. The current cost for recording a change of name is £40.00 and £10.00 for second or any subsequent members of the family intimated at the same time.

I was born in England, can you help me get a copy of my birth certificate?

Yes, an official list giving postal details of English registration offices is held in each of our local offices.

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