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A to Z of waste and recycling services

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Wallpaper which has been scraped from the wall, or end of rolls should be placed in black bags and put in the green bin.

If your re-decorating waste exceeds two bags, contact special uplifts for disposal.

Please recycle at your local community recycling centre or contact us to arrange a special collection.

Please use the Blue Bin

We take plastic containers for Milk, Soft Drinks, Cooking Oil, Shampoo, Washing-Up Liquid (please rinse out and flatten if possible). Please remove bottle tops, rinse and squash your plastic bottles before placing them in your BLUE recycling bin.

Please Note: We do NOT take butter containers, plastic bags, yoghurt cartons etc.

Any substance or object in the categories set out in Annex 1 of the Waste Framework directive (91/156/EEC), which the holder discards or intends or is required to discard.

The amount of waste generated in a given locality over a given period of time.

Legislation on electrical and electronic equipment in relation to its composition and the levels to which it should be recycled.

Seeks to capture the desirability of different waste management options in descending order of preference, from Avoidance, Reduction and re-using waste, through recycling and composting, energy recovery and disposal.

The concept is meant as a guide to thinking rather than a rigid rulebook.

Please use the blue bin.

Please use the blue bin.

Please contact us for further information.

Please recycle at your local community recycling centre or contact us to arrange a special collection.

Please contact us for further information.

From 27th February 2012 use the Blue Bin.

Only deposit glass containers such as bottles and jars. Containers which hold food, pharmaceutical and household items in glass bottles are all recyclable as well as beer and wine bottles.

Do NOT put light bulbs, Pyrex dishes, flat window glass and drinking glasses in the blue bin or Glass Recycling Points, as these require much higher temperatures for recycling.

Please use the blue bin for small pieces of wire.

Please use the Brown Bin

Please use the Green Bin

Do NOT burn chipboard as the glue used can give off toxic fumes.

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